Help a Loved One Enroll

Tips for helping a loved one enroll in a health plan

Are you helping a loved one enroll in a health plan? Asking the right questions can help you make good decisions.

  • Verify the person's current plan and monthly payment. Even if you are helping someone enroll for the first time, it is important to know what kind of coverage he or she has and what kind of coverage he or she will need. Also, be sure to consider plans that are appropriate for his or her monthly budget.
  • Determine medical and prescription drug needs.
  • Ask these important questions:
    • How much is the monthly premium?
    • How much is the deductible for different services?
    • How much is the copayment?
    • What is covered? What isn't?
    • Are my loved one's providers included in certain plans?
    • Which plan covers the prescriptions my loved one is using?
    • What other medical services are needed?

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